If you have even owned an electric scooter, bike, car, or anything with wheels then you will know that punctures are up there with the worst things to come across. Even after paying to get your tyre fixed, you will then need to be extremely cautions and take extra precautions to ensure this doesn’t happen again, at least for a while, but a puncture is inevitable.

We are here today to walk you through the best way to avoid punctures forever, and that is through the power of honeycomb tyres. What are honeycomb tyres you may be thinking, well we have all the answers! Below you will find everything you need to know about your new best friend, the honeycomb tyres.

What are honeycomb tyres? 

Honeycomb tyres are anti-puncture and anti-skid. This means they are not filled with air like your standard tyres, and instead are just full rubber, so no inner tube is needed! The tyres also have air pockets to provide you with that much loved cushion. Rather than waiting for the inevitable puncture, you only need your tyres changed when you run the tyres down to their last thread, which will always be dependent on how you ride, but we can say confidently that this will not be as consistent as your dreaded punctures. 

Where can you get honeycomb tyres? 

You could get your honeycomb tyres from all over the internet, but we suggest you buy them directly from your trusted e-scooter store and if they have a repair shop, get them to fit the tyres for you. We don’t recommend you try and fit the tyres yourself, especially if you don’t have experience with electric scooter maintenance as you might cause damage to the scooter or worse, hurt yourself. 

At Skootz we are more than happy to fit your honeycomb tyres for you, just pop into one of our stores with your electric scooter and we will get you booked in and give you a quote for the pricing. We highly recommend that you also get the Skootz care package when purchasing your electric scooter so that you get discounts on any work needed done to your tyres, including getting the honeycombs onto your scooter due to the warranty on your scooter not covering damage or work done to your tyres. 

Still don’t want honeycomb tyres? 

If we haven’t managed to convince you that honeycomb tyres are the best choice, there are still other ways to help with your puncture problems. 

Inner tubes: These are placed inside of your tyre and are inflated with air to help support your punctured tyre and give your tyres a cushion. These are the best and cheapest fix for your air-filled tyres as replacing a whole new air-filled tyre, although will be an easy fix, can be costly, so getting an inner tube fitted is your best bet if you’re looking to be cost effective in the short term. 

We hope we helped you learn more about honeycomb tyres and the benefits of having them as a part of your scooter. If you have any further questions you can pop into one of our stores in Edinburgh and Glasgow, message via our live chat on our website or alternatively give one of our stores a call.

July 24, 2023 — Mark Bain