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Come and visit our Edinburgh store for a test ride, e-scooters repair or for some expert tips and advice. We are located on Easter Road in Leith, next to Iceland, and stock a wide range of new and refurbished e-scooters and e-bikes from leading brands. We also offer free collection from store. The friendly Skootz Edinburgh team look forward to seeing you soon.

Be the proud owner of an e-bike or e-scooter in Edinburgh

At the beginning of March 2020 a partnership between the Transport for Edinburgh council department and Serco launched an initiative which saw the creation of the UK's biggest fleet of rentable, battery-powered bicycles.

They took their place alongside Edinburgh's existing bike hire scheme to promote health, fitness and green living in Scotland's capital. This was shortly before the British Isles became engulfed by the coronavirus, when no one had a clue of the bizarre times ahead, but the success of the plan was not diminished. This official sanction and support for e bikes in Edinburgh helped promote the groundswell of public interest in this environmentally friendly mode of transport.

The best way to enjoy the city Scotland is world famous for its landscapes. It's a nature-lovers dream. But we'll readily admit that not all of its terrain is suitable for casual cyclists. Since these are the people most likely to buy electric, it's fair to suggest that we're more likely to see a proliferation of electric bikes in Edinburgh than in the mountains of Glencoe.

For city dwellers, battery-powered bikes are the perfect way to get around. They don't add to congestion, they don't emit any harmful gases and they don't present the hazards created by cars and trucks.

The first electric bike shop in Edinburgh opened in 2006 and since then the market has grown at a staggering rate. The legal status of electric bikes is settled. There is no requirement for a licence, registration, or road tax, provided that it complies with certain technical specifications. These include a top assisted speed of 25 km/h and a motor size no larger than 250w. As long as you are at least 14 years old, you are free to join thousands of other e-bike users and discover the joys of cycling without all the effort.

Why you should consider buying an electric scooter in Edinburgh

While e-bikes have been tried, tested, and approved in law, riding an electric scooter in Edinburgh is not so straightforward. At the moment you are not allowed to ride them on roads, pavements or in any other public environment. That means your use of them is limited to private land - your own or someone else's, as long as they consent. This might sound off-putting but it needn't be. Compare it to the status of quad bikes. Although, unlike e-scooters, they can be used on the roads - with strict licensing and taxation compliance - most quad bike owners reserve theirs purely for pleasure on private land and this hasn't restricted their popularity.

Using an electric scooter in the same way is safe, fun and legal. Edinburgh electric scooters stores Electric scooters are already widely available in electric bike shops all over Edinburgh, despite the questions that persist. E-scooter trials have been conducted in several towns and cities across England in order to assess their viability and potential risk levels. Most commentators expect them to receive approval for use in public places including the roads in the near future, although legal limitations and obligations will apply.

At the moment no such trials are underway in Scotland but there is a good chance that a successful outcome to English trials will give the Scottish government sufficient evidence to legalise them here as well. We have every reason to believe that electric scooters will eventually be as familiar a feature of Edinburgh's cityscape as its increasingly popular e-bikes. Don't wait until everyone wants one.

Why not get yours now and help set the trend that will help make life in Edinburgh even better than it already is.

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