Are electric scooters healthy? This question can be taken in 2 different ways. Are e-scooters healthy for your well-being and do they benefit the environment in a healthy manor, and to both of these questions our answer is yes.

E-scooter benefits for your health

Although it doesn’t sound like riding an electric scooter would do much help for your health and wellbeing, it has more benefits more than meets the eye. E-scooters are proven to be a low impact exercise, being in the outdoors with the fresh air on its own is the first major benefit as a de-stress exercise, so why not add your electric scooter into the mix? So, If you’re not much of a runner or even a big fan of walking, an electric scooter could be your new best friend.

A few of the ways riding an electric scooter can help with your physical fitness and wellbeing are listed below:

  • Helps strengthen your core strength
  • Helps your posture due to you being stood up right while riding
  • Improves your balance due to you being in control of your 2 wheels
  • Increases your metabolism due to all the moving about
  • Helps develop coordination

Riding an electric scooter will help strengthen your core muscles due to them helping stabilize you as you ride by your body tensing and relaxing often, so if you’re feeling slightly tired after riding, it’s due to your body being able to keep you in an upright position and most importantly, ensuring you don’t fall off!

Another massive benefit is that riding an electric scooter is incredibly beneficial for your posture. Due to standing up right while riding, you’re helping your back by not being constantly hunched over, so ensuring your handlebars are positioned at a good height, you’ll reap all the benefits for your posture. So, before you know it you could have picked up the habit of standing up straight without even noticing!

What more could you want than good balance? Well, riding your electric scooter is extremely beneficial for this due to you being in total control of those 2 wheels carrying you, after all it is just you and those 2 wheels keeping you from falling to the ground. Learning to ride a scooter as a child is extremely beneficial in early development for balance as it can set them up for the future.

Riding your scooter benefits your physically coordination due to your brain being able to focus on multiple things at once such as when to accelerate, de-accelerate, brake and turn when needed all while remaining balanced on your scooter. This means all your focus with your eyes, hands and body must all be in line with one another to avoid any crashes. This is a great example of being able to multi-task.

Riding an electric scooter may not feel as impowering and moving as riding a bike but studies have shown they have the same impact on your body. Just because you aren’t pushing your body doesn’t mean it won’t feel the benefits from riding your scooter outdoors! Not only are electric scooters great for your health due to it becoming a full body workout, but you also get more out of it time wise. Riding at just 7mph you will get to your destination 10 minutes faster than you would running, without missing out on the physical advantages of the run!

E-scooters benefits on the environment

It’s no secret that riding an electric scooter is one of the most beneficial methods of travel due to them being emissions free, but how much do they really impact our environment while riding?

E-scooters produce zero emissions into our atmosphere due to them purely being run on batteries and electric motors meaning you generate no exhaust fumes and all you need is a plug socket to charge it back up, just like your phone and laptop rather than using harmful fuels including petrol and diesel that cause damage to our planet. Instead, you are recharging your scooter with energy that is carbon-neutral.

As you kick your feet and take off you are emitting zero air pollution to the city around you, is there a better feeling? As of 2018 in Europe, the average emissions released from a new petrol ran car was 123g of CO2 per km and as of 2020 there was 24% of greenhouse gasses emitted in the UK alone due to transportation. If these statistics don’t convince you to get your hands on an electric scooter, we don’t know what will.

Now that we’ve laid out all the facts on the physical benefits of riding electric scooters along with the environmental benefits we hope it answered any questions you may have had and that you can ride your electric scooter without worry. If you want to learn more about electric scooters take a look at our other blogs and don’t hesitate to get in contact with us!

We hope you enjoyed this blog, and we hope to see you soon.

May 18, 2023 — Beth MacGinty