One of the most popular and biggest question we get is are E-Scooters easy to up-keep and maintain, and the short answer is yes. The longevity of your electric scooter is always down to how you use it, ride it, store it, etc. Below we’ve compiled the most important do’s and don’ts to help maintain your electric scooter to keep it looking and feeling brand new.


Always ensure to store the electric scooter in a dry place. Water damage is a vital thing you do not want your scooter getting as replacing a battery with water damage can be extremely costly. Try to keep your scooter indoors in a cupboard, hallway etc where its not likely to get damaged, or, if you are keeping it outside ensure it is entirely covered so no water can get to it.

Make sure to ride your scooter over terrain that is safe for your tyres. If you have a scooter with air filled tyres you don’t want to ride over harsh ground that may end in a punctured tyre. Riding on paved roads and paths will ensure longevity for your tyres, unless you have off-road tyres. Another way to avoid this is by getting Skootz to fit your scooter with honeycomb tyres. Honeycomb tyres are anti-puncture and anti-skid so you won’t need to worry about a punctured tyre again! To find out more about these tyres you can pop into one of our stores, email us at or give one of our stores a call.

Even if you don’t use your scooter regularly charging it every 4 weeks is key to ensure your battery doesn’t die. If the cells in your battery aren’t being charged frequently it can cause them to die meaning, even if you fully charge your scooter for the first time in months the battery itself could be dead and your scooter will not turn on.


Never try and speed up your scooter to a speed faster than it’s limits. This will ruin your battery and as stated before batteries are costly to get refurbished or cost even more for a brand new one. Instead, look into buying a scooter that goes the speed you desire so there’s no need to try and push your current scooter to limits it can’t handle. Some scooters that can go at faster speeds are the T5X Max that can go up to 33mhp/52kmph and the Protron Pro3X which has speeds up to 51mph/82kmph which we think is pretty cool.

A big don’t is don’t ride dangerously. No one ever wants to crash their electric scooter but as long as you ride safely and don’t cut infront of cars, people, other scooter and bike users then you should be out of harm’s way, but riding dangerously could be costly to not only your scooter but also your health and wellbeing. Instead, keep a safe distance between yourself and other surrounding people, only go speeds that seem suitable for the location you’re in and avoid doing stunts that may injure yourself and others.

Don’t give shots of your scooter to your friends and family, especially if they haven’t ridden an electric scooter before. As nice as it is to lend your scooter to a friend, lending your scooter to someone else puts your scooter in jeopardy of being crashed and broken, and it wasn’t even your wrongdoing! Instead, you could recommend somewhere your friend can get their hands on their own scooter and you can scoot together!

Don’t wait until your e-scooter is on the brink of completely running out of charge to charge it back up again, the last thing you want is to be in the middle of a journey and your scooter dies on you, charge it up in good time for your next journey, and to help the battery from dying out. As mentioned previously, you don’t want the cells in your battery to die so taking care of your scooters battery is one of the most important parts to care for.

So, as long as you use your scooter carefully and don’t over do it your scooter should live a happy and healthy life with you as its owner. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in contact with Skootz via telephone, email or pop into one of our stores in Edinburgh and Glasgow and our amazing staff will help you out!

May 18, 2023 — Beth MacGinty