With E-Scooters becoming more and more increasingly popular and there being over 1 million privately owned E-Scooter users in the UK alone, now more than ever people are looking to get their hands on one, but what one is the cheapest along with being high in quality? With summer right around the corner and there being lighter nights and warmer days there’s never been a better time to get your hands on your new electric scooter.

Below are our thoughts on the best E-Scooter on the market for under £1000.

Aovo Pro 2  

The Aovo Pro 2 is priced at just £379 and is the best pick for beginners just starting their journey with E-Scooters, this beauty has a range of 21.5 miles meaning you can use it for your short daily commute to work and back no problem and will even get a few days out of it without needing to charge it. In regard to charging time, the Aovo takes between 5-6 hours to be at full charge so you could leave it overnight or charge it as soon as you’re done using it and unplug it before bed.

The speed of a scooter can be daunting for a first time E-Scooter user but don’t worry, with the Aovo Pro 2 there are 3 different speed modes meaning you can set your max speed and only go as fast as you wish, the max speed the scooter can go is 19mph. The 3 speed modes include eco, slow and sport. The scooter has honeycomb tyres which are anti-puncture and anti-skid meaning when you walk away with your new Aovo Pro 2 you won’t need to worry about bursting a tyre and needing to make a visit to our Skootz store for a repair, so in the long run these will save you money. This scooter has a 350W direct wheel motor meaning the power drives from the front wheel.

Please note: All of the specs listed are subject to a number of things such as the weight of the person using the scooter, the terrain the scooter is being driven on and the weather.

The Aovo Pro 2 also comes with a Bluetooth app that’s available for Apple and Android that you connect via your phone which allows you to lock and unlock the scooter, turn your LED lights on and off which are located at the front and back of the scooter, set your speed with your speed modes and change your digital dash to show mph or kmph. This is a real selling point for us!

Being one of our best-selling models, and we can see why!

Pure Air3

For £449 the Pure Air3 electric scooter has speeds of up to 15.mph and a rage of 18 miles making it perfect for commuting closer distances or just for a leisurely ride. This scooter also comes with great safety features such as a front light that is 4x brighter than their other scooters and indicators on the handlebars, so pedestrians and other road users are aware of the scooters movements. This scooter also has a water-resistant rating of IP65 meaning if you get caught in a shower your ride will not be cut short! Although this scooter doesn’t have any suspension, it’s handlebars have steering stabilisation ensuring you have a smooth ride where you’re in control.

Kugoo G2 Pro Ultra

If you’re looking for a powerful scooter right below your budget, the Kugoo G2 Pro Ultra is for you. Priced at £945, this scooter has impressive speeds of up to 34 mph/55kmph and has a range of 40 miles, making it perfect for leisure but also travelling and you won’t need to worry about running out of power! This scooter has an 800w motor making riding up hills easier for you, along with having 10-inch pneumatic tyres. This Kugoo takes between 7-8 hours to charge so it’s perfect for charging overnight after or before you’ve spent the day riding. This beast also has LED lighting making it perfect for riding for riding in the darkness with the safety of being seen by other road users/pedestrians.

This scooter is great for those more experienced with e-scooters and are looking for a fast and powerful ride. This definitely isn’t for the faint hearted!

At Skootz, we’re here to provide you with the best scooters suited for you and your needs. If you have any further questions you can pop into one of our stores in Edinburgh and Glasgow, message via our live chat on our website or alternatively give one of our stores a call. All prices are correct at the time of publishing but are subject to change.

We hope you found this blog useful, and we hope to see you in the future!

May 18, 2023 — Beth MacGinty