Benefits of Electric Bikes

Benefits of Electric Bikes

In a constantly evolving world, the way in which we use transport is changing. Instead of using a car to whizz around, more and more people throughout the UK are turning to electric bikes to get from one place to another. And with all the amazing benefits of riding an e-bike, there’s no wonder why!

Naturally, there are some health benefits of electric bikes. It is certainly a great way to keep fit, however, there are also some obvious environmental benefits too as it helps you to reduce your carbon footprint. By choosing to ride an electric bike rather than driving a car or getting on public transport, you are choosing a much greener option as they release no tail-pipe emissions. 

While some people may be cynical about using e-bikes and consider them as cheating, you may be surprised to learn that they have been around for over 125 years and have many advantages. So, in the following sections, we will run through some of the key benefits of owning and riding an electric bike, which in the long term, could prove to be a very healthy investment.

Excellent health benefits of e-bikes

Perhaps one of the most noticeable benefits of e-bikes is the health advantages. Although it isn’t quite the same intensity level as a regular bike, they are still a considerably healthier option than driving a car. Even though electric bikes have onboard motors, they still require the rider to pedal. The motor only assists with pedalling and will not power the bike unless the rider puts in the effort too.

If you want a more intense cardiovascular workout, you can change the power settings on your electric bike. Every e-bike is different, so make sure you check the specification of your bike to ensure you find the perfect electric bike for you. You can also improve your muscle tone, and when the weather is nice, you can get some fresh air too, so what’s not to like?

Serious pedal power

As we are based in Edinburgh and Glasgow, we know all too well how difficult it can be to ride traditional bikes up hills. One of the best benefits of electric bikes is that you can tackle inclines with ease. Electric bikes are great as it is easier to engage with the motor as opposed to constantly changing gear with a traditional bike.

Making that commute much quicker

Although some may have changed their office plans over the past couple of years and are now working from home, there are still so many people who are looking for ways to shorten their commute to work. With an e-bike, you can take things at your own pace, leave the house at a time that is convenient to you, and take a direct and faster route to your place of work.

One of the excellent environmental benefits of electric bikes is that you can ride safely and not sit in a fuel-guzzling car, or worse still try and rush to grab a seat on the train. You will also save money on fuel and train tickets, and what’s great is that you don’t need to have a licence to ride an e bike. Find out more about the electric bike rules on the official Government website

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