How Much Are Electric Scooters? | Skootz Blog

Electric scooters are becoming increasingly popular, so nowadays you are more likely to see people use them to commute to work or for recreational purposes. There are so many e-scooters available from many different brands, and they all vary in price. From lower priced models to top spec higher priced scooters, we stock a wide range of electric scooters that are complete with the latest specs, offering something for everyone.

However, one of the first things you will need to work out before committing to a purchase of an e-scooter is the price, and you need to determine which scooters are within your budget. Naturally, there will be some people who are very budget conscious, while for others, the cost won’t matter too much to them.

There are e-scooters out there that will suit novices as well as more experienced riders. The electric scooter price usually depends on the specifications and the brand. In this guide we will look at the cheapest to the most expensive electric scooter available here at Skootz.

 Factoring in the electric scooter cost

 E-scooters can be quite costly, and ultimately, the more expensive ones usually boast a far greater battery life and can travel much faster. Although, there are so very good cheaper alternatives available.

 Our lowest priced electric scooter

 If you are more budget-conscious, you may want to check out the E9 Pro electric scooter, which is a snippet at £339.00. You can pay for this scooter up front, or you can make three payments of £113 with Klarna, and there are no additional fees. This scooter is ideal for beginners, as it has a top speed of 18.5mph, boasts a range of 18.5 miles, and it takes just six hours to charge. This model weights just 13.5kg and is also foldable making it a very practical option.

 A mid-range model

 Moving onto the mid-range scooter in our collection, the Protron H6. Priced at £679, the Protron H6 has an 800W brushless motor and for those who like to crank up the speed, the top speed for this model is 28mph. If you like long rides, then the Protron H6 has an impressive range of 46 miles, and you can fully charge this e-scooter within 8 hours. What also makes this product stand out, is that it is quite lightweight (22kg), so you can fold it down quickly, and in terms of e-scooter price, it is fair on balance.

Our top priced e-scooter

However, if money isn’t so much of an issue, and you want a top-of-the-range e-scooter, then we are happy to present you with the Protron H9. What’s even better, is that this model is currently on sale and it has been reduced from £1,895 down to £1,595, and if anything, we think it is a bargain.

 Coming in black and red, the Protron H9 boasts a top speed of 50mph, so it’s not for the faint-hearted and it has a 2x2700W direct drive wheel motors, so it’s a bit of a beast when it comes to electric scooters. The Protron H9 has a range of 40 miles, and it has a charge time of 7-8 hours. Although it is somewhat heavy, as it weighs 42kg, the electric scooter has LED lighting, so you will be visible to other motorists if riding late at night.

Shop electric scooters at great prices here at Skootz

So, there we have it. The three scooters mentioned all justify their e-scooter price. We hope that you find this blog useful and it has given you the inspiration to find your next e-scooter.

 However, if you require more information, then you can contact us via email, you can call us, or even better still, you can visit one of our two stores in Glasgow and Edinburgh. Our dedicated team will be able to answer any questions or concerns, and with our expertise in electric scooters, you can be assured that you will be in safe hands.