What is the best e-scooter for hills? | Skootz Blog

What is the best e-scooter for hills? | Skootz Blog

What is the best e-scooter for hills?


Electric scooters are becoming increasingly popular, and for those who love e-scooters, they demand more from them. They don’t just expect to enjoy smooth rides on flat surfaces, they will also want to use their gadget on hills.


Can electric scooters go up hills?


Yes, electric scooters can go up hills, but there are a few crucial factors to take into consideration. Firstly, you will need to assess the ascent and climb angle – those hills that have a 40-degree climb for example will challenge even the most experienced e-scooter riders.


Also, the battery and motor are important. Lithium-Ion batteries are a must as they last much longer compared to other battery types.


Of course, don’t forget about the tyres. The smaller the tyre, the bigger the load for the tyres, and so this will make climbing hills significantly harder.


Our top 3 e-scooters for climbing hills


So, which is the best e-scooter for climbing hills? At Skootz, our team is highly knowledgeable about the products we sell, including which e-scooters can cope with hills. We have handpicked our top 3 electric scooters for climbing hills, so take a look and see if any of them take your fancy.


Viper Air Pro 500w


Starting with the Viper Air Pro 500w electric scooter, this product is currently on sale, and it can be snapped up for £639.00. You can either pay for this e-scooter upfront, or make three payments of £213 with Klarna. Anyway, this e-scooter comes in a choice of two colours – black or white – has a 500w motor, and boasts a top speed of 30mph.


The Viper Air Pro 500w has a maximum range of 45 miles, but one thing that you will notice, is that it is light and versatile, weighing just 26kg. It is therefore ideal for those trying to tackle those hills while out and about.


The tyres are 10in pneumatic, and it comes with LED lighting, which is handy if you are going out and about at night. This scooter is very versatile, and it can be ridden in different weather conditions, although be careful you don’t get it soaking wet. Nevertheless, it only takes a maximum of six hours to fully charge, so the Viper Air Pro 500w has plenty going for it.


Protron H9


Similarly, we think you should take a closer look at the Protron H9 electric scooter. Although it is considerably more expensive, priced at £1,895, compared to the Viper Air Pro 500w, the Protron H9 has two powerful 2700w motors, and it can reach a top speed of 50mph, so you will be whizzing over those hills. Although the charge time is slightly longer (roughly eight hours) than the Viper Air Pro 500w, it is considerably heavier at 42kg, so it will make you feel more comfortable while on board.


Obarter x3


Our third and final electric scooter we recommend for inclines is the Obarter x3 electric scooter, this scooter is very popular and continues to fly off our shelves. It’s available in black, has a raised platform, and is rather sleek looking.


The price tag falls approximately halfway between the Viper Air Pro 500w and the Protron H9, as it costs £1,229. But the Obarter x3 is certainly no slouch going uphill, as it can reach a top speed of 41mph. But be aware that it can take up to 12 hours to fully charge, so make sure you check the battery levels before setting off for a ride.


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