What is the best performance scooter? | Skootz Blog

At Skootz we stock a variety of performance scooters, this range is our most popular for various reasons. The high spec performance features matched with a fair price makes these scooters a perfect first buy or upgrade. 

Our two most popular scooters in the performance category are the T4 Max and the Viper Air Pro. We know the decision-making process when buying a scooter can be difficult so, here’s our guide to the best performance scooter for summer 2022.

 The T4 Max is our bestseller, and there is no wonder why. Priced at just £599, this scooter packs a punch with a 600W direct drive wheel motor and a top speed of 36Mph! The T4 Max holds a 48V 13AH lithium battery supporting a 30-mile range and it only takes 5-6 hours to charge.

 The Viper Air Pro on the other hand is priced at £695, this scooter is equipped with a 500W direct drive wheel motor and has a top speed of 28Mph. In comparison to its cheaper counterpart the Viper Air Pro holds a 48V 20AH lithium battery supporting a 45-mile range and takes 8-10 hours to charge.

 At a glance the T4 Max offers a larger motor giving you more power and speed whereas the Viper Air Pro doesn’t hold the same kick yet makes up for it in range capacity.

 Let’s jump into some of the specs to find out more.


 The Verdict….

Both scooters offer different features to suit the specific needs of our customers yet in our opinion the most well rounded and best value for money option is the T4 Max. Coming in almost £100 cheaper than its competitor, the T4 Max rides slightly taller than the Viper Air Pro reducing the risk of damaging the underside of the scooter when bumping up onto or off the pavements. The T4 Max is also equipped with LED lights along the underside as well as indicators increasing your visibility in comparison to the Viper Air Pro which doesn’t have either. The T4 Max also weighs in a little lighter making it easier to manoeuvre, although the T4 Max doesn’t match the Viper Air Pros range capacity, we feel a 30-mile range is sufficient for daily use… especially when you’re going that little bit quicker.


We feel for £599, there isn’t much on the market that tops the T4 Max on its value for money, we hope this has been helpful and see you soon!